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Nancy Rose Southern





As your minister, I will help you create a service that will reflect your personal faith, love and commitment to each other. Your wedding is an opportunity to share with one another and declare with friends and loved ones what is most intimate and meaningful to you as you join your lives in marriage.

Since 1995, I have performed ceremonies for many couples from diverse backgrounds—universal, traditional, ethnic, spiritual, inter-faith, multi-cultural and more.

Settings, either outside or indoors, vary from the top of Mt. Constitution or Mountain Lake to the seashore; Victorian Valley Chapel or one of the many fine resorts, public parks, or secluded bed and breakfast inns found throughout the San Juan Islands.














Who is Nancy Rose Southern?

Nancy Rose Southern is an ordained minister of the Universal Life
Church as well as a graduate of the Unity School of Christianity,
completing the two-year certification program as a Licensed Teacher.
She has an MSW degree in counseling and mental health education
from Kansas University.

Nancy has studied and practiced the mystical traditions of
many world faiths and therefore respects the diversity of faith
expressed in our contemporary culture. She believes that spirituality
is very personal. She specializes in helping each couple fashion
the ceremony that best reflects their individuality, their love
and devotion for one another and their vision of the married
life they want together. She has been serving the islands in ministry
since 1992. Nancy Rose is also an artist and Reiki Master and
enjoys living in Deer Harbor with her husband Charles.


My mission is to assist you in expressing what will be most meaningful, memorable and supportive of your commitment to each other. I will gladly work with you to incorporate the important elements of faith, family and your life’s journey into your wedding ceremony.

After the wedding each couple receives a quality-printed copy of their ceremony on fine stationary to be read and reread for many years to come.

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