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"Thank you for your patience and guidance.  You have made a lovely day even more so." 
Dave & Kathe

"The words were so meaningful and were said with such heart." Courtney & Wade

"We know that we are truly blessed to have such a warm & pleasant person to perform our wedding ceremony." Teresa & Ryan

"Your kindness is not forgotten." Dave & Cynthia

"Thank you for such a beautiful wedding.  It was just what we dreamt of.  We will always remember our very special time on Orcas." Terry & Iza

"How do we begin to thank you for completing a most beautiful day! You are indeed…an endearing soul. You were part of the most amazing days in each of our lives." Lynda & Christopher

"Thank you again for performing our marriage ceremony. The vows, blessings and comments were all wonderful and it was just what we wanted."
Cathy & Brian

"Thank you so much for making our day special. You came into our lives and blessed our new beginnings…" Gail & Jayme

"Thank you so much for a beautiful service. It was very meaningful to us and we feel fortunate to have connected with you! Several of our guests and family commented on how special the ceremony was." Isabel & Neil

"What an experience you helped us celebrate! It’s a pleasure getting to know you and appreciate all you have done for us." Anne & Eric

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