Lopez Island's Shark Reef Sanctuary

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Lopez Island's Shark Reef Sanctuary

FAQ's about Shark Reef Sanctuary:

Question: Where is Shark Reef?

Answer: Shark Reef is located on Lopez Island's south west side.

Question: How do I get there?

Answer: Head south on Fisherman Bay Road; take a right on Airport Rd. and then a left on Shark Reef Road. A hike through the quiet forest takes you to a long rocky cliff along San Juan Channel.

Question: Where did the sanctuary get it's name?

Answer: It was named after a nearbye reef.

Question: What type of wildlife will I see at Shark Reef.

Answer: The park offers an excellent variety of bird life as well as marine life. If your lucky you could spot a Graywhale. Perhaps the most interesting part of a visit to Shark Reef is watching the seals from the cliffs.

Question: What type of view does the Sanctuary offer?

Answer: You can look out onto the San Juan Channel and view the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

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