Lopez Island's Otis Perkins County Park

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Lopez Island's Otis Perkins County Park
Park FAQ's, directions, and general information

FAQ's About Otis Perkins Day Park:

Question: How do I get there?

Answer: You can get there by taking a right on Bayshore Rd. at the south end of Fisherman Bay. Two picnic tables rest at the south end of, this is one of the longest beaches in the county.

Question: What can I do at the park?

Answer: This day-use park is situated on a slender spit that cuts off one corner of Fisherman’s Bay and provides access to a small peninsula. Birdwatching and beachcombing are popular at the park.

Question: How long is the spit?

Answer: About a quarter mile.

Question: Will I see whales from the park?

Answer: No, whale sightings are uncommon.

Question: Is there parking in the park?

Answer: Yes, but the parking is limited.

Question: What do locals call the park?

Answer: The Spit.
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