Rosario Resort Museum

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Rosario Resort Museum


Construction of Rosario Estate began in 1906, and was overseen by Moran himself. Upon completion, Rosario was called the "showplace of the San Juan Islands"


FAQ's About The Rosario Museum:

Question: What is the Moran Museum?

Answer: A former residence of Robert Moran, a noted shipbuilder, a prominent businessman and a former Seattle mayor, who was also an avid photographer.

Question: What will I see at the museum?

Answer: A walk through the mansion is in itself a step back in time, with its ambiance resembling the great ocean liners of the past, also reflecting the fact that Robert Moran was a leading shipbuilder and used his company’s shipwrights to construct the mansion.

Question: Can I take a tour of Rosario?

Answer: Yes, Christopher Peacock gives a presentation in the mansion’s Music Room about the history of Rosario, which includes a performance on the magnificent 1,972-pipe Aeolian organ. A slide show of archival photos and memorabilia is also available to guests.

Question: Where is Rosario?

Answer: Orcas Island.

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