Bicycling On Lopez Island

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Bicycling On Lopez Island

Faq's About Bicycling on Lopez Island:

Question: Why is Lopez Island good for bicyclists?
Answer: Lopez Island is the flattest of all the San Juan's providing ideal rides for bicyclists.

Question: What else does Lopez island offer bicyclists that the other islands don't?
Answer: Lopez is the least populated of all the major San Juan islands and offers less crowded roads which makes for a very pleasant ride.

Lopez Island is a slow place, a friendly place where residents in old cars and trucks wave at strangers, a place with intriguing parks, bays, spits and other spots to stop and explore.


Editors Choice:
Lopez Bicycle Works
The San Juan's oldest bicycle shop providing sales and rentals on Lopez Island.

Best Maps:
Click to view San Juan's Map
A map of the San Juan islands showing popular campgrounds and facilities.

Lopez Bicycle Works
This is a map of Lopez island providing a numbered key for a number of Lopez businesses and attractions.

Lopez Bicycling Reviews:
NW Outdoors
NW Outdoors provides a accurate description of Lopez island and what to expect when bicycling.

Safety Tips:

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