Bicycling Orcas Island

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Bicycling Orcas Island

Faq's About Bicycling on Orcas Island:

Question: Is Orcas Island a Good island for bicycling?
Answer: Yes, all of the San Juan's are excellent for bicycling.

Question: Is the riding difficult on Orcas Island?
Answer: Out of all all the San Juan's Orcas is known for the most difficult riding.

Editors Choice:
An Orcas Island bicycle site offering rentals and detailed info about bicycling Orcas Island.

Best Photos:
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Wildlife Cycles offers some bicycling photos and a few Orcas area pics.


Each of the four San Juan Islands that mark the watery border of the Pacific Northwest has its own character, but Orcas – the largest at more than 55 square miles, is the most spectacular scenically – and has the widest range of ways to play.


Best Maps:
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A map of all the San Juan's showing popular bicyclists locations.

click to view map
Wildlife cycles offers a orcas island bicycling map and some geography notes.

Orcas Reviews:
Islands Magazine
Islands Magazine gives a good Orcas Island review.

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Orcas Island Lodging:

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