Grandmas Cove San Juan Island - aka Grannies Cove

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Grandmas Cove San Juan Island - aka Grannies Cove

Grandmothers Cove, American Camp, San Juan Island. Image courtesy of Grandmas Cove

This little hidden gem is found at American Camp off of Cattle Point Road . To get to Grannies Cove park at American Camp and then take grassy trails towards the sea. The hike is about 5-10 minutes. Along the way you might see bald eagles, fox or rabbit.

 Grandmothers Cove San Juan Island Grandmas Cove and Beach San Juan Island Sign to Grandmas Cove , American Camp , San Juan Island. Image courtesy of

Because the water is quite shallow inside the cove the water warms up significantly during the summer months and it makes for a great place for a swim. This also makes it a safe place for kids to go swimming. Please help keep the beach clean and don't forget your sunscreen!

Gandmas Cove San Juan Island Map of Grannies Cove on San Juan Island

Not far from Grandma's Cove is South Beach, Mount Young, Jakles Lagoon, and several other great places to picnic on San Juan Island.

Wild fox at American Camp , San Juan Islands. Image courtesy of

Photos courtesy of Google Maps, Simply San Juan,, and Intrepidor.

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