Top 10 places to picnic in the San Juan Islands

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Top 10 places to picnic in the San Juan Islands

While there are certainly more than 10 places to have a picnic in the San Juan's what follows is a list of what we would consider the top 10. Enjoy and make sure to follow up your picnic with one of the top 10 places to hike in the San Juan Islands. Please do not confuse this list with the top 10 places in the San Juan Islands to have a barbecue.

Picnic Etymology:
1748 (in Chesterfield's "Letters"), but rare before c.1800 as an Eng. institution, from Fr. piquenique (1692), perhaps a reduplication of piquer "to pick, peck," from O.Fr. (see pike (2)), or the second element may be nique "worthless thing," from a Gmc. source. Originally a fashionable pot-luck social affair, not necessarily out of doors. Figurative sense of "something easy" is from 1886.
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper


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